Telemedicine Services

*Coronavirus 19 (mild to moderate symptoms) Age: 18-65

*If you have any trouble breathing, wheezing, unresolved fatigue or fever, persistent nausea vomiting or loose stools, please visit your local ER / Urgent Care center or dial 911. This visit is for otherwise healthy individuals with no COPD, CHF history. This will include evaluation for steroid Rx’s, Inhalers, or antibiotics (for mild post covid respiratory infections).  If needed, we can provide orders for testing at your local lab as well as vaccine education.

Cold and Flu /  Sinus Infections / Sore Throat (non-coronavirus 19)

Same-day prescription for antiviral, effective cough and congestion medications to help reduce recovery time from common cold or influenza type A / B. Evaluation for antibiotic to treat most common sinus infections. *We can provide an order to your local lab or pharmacy for Covid 19 testing and respiratory viral panel.

Anaphylaxis Prevention (Epinephrine Auto-injector)

New prescription or refill for Epinephrine auto-injectors and solumedrol or prednisone. Discount codes are available.

Urinary Tract Infections

Same-day prescription for an effective antibiotic for uncomplicated UTI’s. Testing recommended at your local pharmacy or lab to ensure the type of infection present.


Short term refills for Albuterol and other Inhalers. We will not be able to adjust your currently prescribed inhaler frequency, but we can provide new prescriptions for previously diagnosed mild asthma (Minimal use needed daily) or exercise induced asthma.

Diabetes Type 2

Short term refills for Insulin, Metformin and other oral diabetic medications. We will not be able to adjust your medication doses or prescribe new insulin regimens. Adjustments to your medications must be done by a local provider who can follow up with you for proper and safe management of your diabetes.

Anxiety / Depression

Short term refills available for anti-depressant oral medications and anti-anxiety medications. We are unable to prescribe / refill controlled substances I.e. Ativan, Xanax, Clonazepam, Opiates, etc, or anti-psychotics.

STD Treatment / HIV Prevention / Genital Herpes

Evaluation and same-day prescription(s) for STD treatment and / or PrEP (HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis) prescriptions or refills. Discreet prescriptions / refills for genital herpes pain or flare up prevention.

Bacterial Vaginosis / Yeast Infections

Same-day prescription for an effective antibiotic for treating BV, or antifungal for yeast infections. We can help you differentiate which infection may be present. STD testing is recommended at your local pharmacy or lab to ensure the type of infection present.


Same-day prescriptions or refills for high blood pressure. Make sure to have recent blood pressure and heart rate measurements so we may review for your safety.

Erectile Dysfunction

Same-day prescription or refills for ED medication with discount codes provided. This includes possible prescription for Sildenafil (Viagra) or Tadalafil (Cialis).

Eczema / Dermatitis Treatment

Prevent flare ups of bumpy, itchy, red rashes that are either chronic or intermittent. Feel more comfortable and keep your skin healthy.

Acne / Rosacea

We can help with mild to moderate acne and rosacea so you can feel more confident and look your best! If your acne is persistent and severe, we can assist with referrals to dermatologists in your area.

Cold Sores / Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

We provide options and prescriptions to treat cold sores and shingles outbreaks to help speed up healing and reduce burning tingling pain.

Birth Control

Get new prescriptions or  refills for oral contraceptives, ring, injections or patches. We can assist with referrals to specialists in your area if you require IUD placement. Women, ages 18-50.

Smoking Cessation

New prescription or refill for assistance with quitting smoking. We are here to help you with this very difficult to quit habit.

Hair Loss

Thinning hair can be greatly reduced or even reversed in some cases after using FDA approved treatment options. Taking these meds up to 6 months or longer offer best results.

Pink Eye (viral / bacterial)

Same-day evaluation for viral vs bacterial conjunctivitis “pink eye”. Help with itching and burning and discharge symptoms.


Get short term refills for synthroid, levothyroxine, and other hypothyroid medications. We can also provide orders to your local lab to check your current TSH, T4, T3 values.

Headaches / Migraines

We are not able to diagnose types of migraines or headaches via this platform currently. But we can refill meds that have been prescribed previously that were deemed to be safe for you. We are unable to provide orders for controlled substances, muscle relaxers or ergotamines.

GERD / Acid Reflux / Nausea / Vomiting

Get the relief you need through prescription grade medications or refills to control burning reflux, nausea or vomiting.

Constipation / Loose Stools

Dealing with constipation or loose stools that are recurrent over a period of time? Get the relief you need in a possibly new medication or refill of your current Rx. We can help to assess if it is more serious and provide referrals if needed.

High Cholesterol (Hyperlipidemia)

Taking care of your high cholesterol is extremely important over the long term health of your heart, brain and body. Prevent blockages to arteries / veins and increase your opportunity to live longer and prevent further heart disease.

Naloxone for Opiate Overdose Prevention / Rescue

New prescriptions or refills for Naloxone, Narcan and Evzio for life saving measures for opiate overdoses. Education provided and steps to prevent refractory overdose after administering this medication in an emergency.

General Visit

Not seeing what you need in our list? More than likely we can help with other chronic or new issues you may have. Contact us through our form or call / text 316-512-1062. You can also email us at