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icon  No insurance necessary, visits are $39

icon  Get new prescriptions or refills sent to your local pharmacy.

icon  Avoid travel & wait times. Prevent urgent care or ER visits.

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What We Treat

Kansas-telehealth_stethoscope We treat many types of chronic illnesses and can even advise on treatment for multiple ailments. 

These include Asthma, Mild Coronavirus 19 Symptoms, Covid testing orders, Blood tests, Type 2 Diabetes, Viral or Bacterial Infections, and many more.

Women’s Health

UTI, Birth Control, STDs, Hypothyroidism, Acne, Rosacea, Eczema,
Anxiety / Depression, Smoking Cessation, Hypertension & more.

Men’s Health

Erectile Dysfunction, High Cholesterol, Hair Loss, STDs, Anxiety / Depression, Smoking Cessation, Hypertension & more.

Taking Care of You

No insurance? No problem. Kansas-Telehealth.com is affordable and cuts out the red tape by offering our services without the need for insurance.

You will have access to an experienced Primary Care Provider who will review your medical history and can provide refills or new prescriptions if it is appropriate for your condition. We can also provide referrals if you require more advanced care with a provider in your area.

Cut costs on meds without insurance by using discount codes from pharmaceutical discount companies.

We’ll help you with your treatment, refills, and testing orders with evidence based medical advice.

Save precious time and money with Kansas-Telehealth.com. Avoid preventable hospital or urgent care costs.

If you need a visit outside of our regular hours of 12pm to 10pm CST daily, simply click here to contact us or text or call 316-512-1062.

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